Holiday Whimsy

Hello Friends! It has been a busy last few months. I was privileged to complete two commissions. One I am happy to post today, the other will have to wait until after Christmas. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Below is the holiday card that I made for an amazingly fun family. This is actually the third year in a row that I have completed their holiday card. I’ve posted the last three years. It shows some of the evolution of this style. I’m excited to see next year’s growth.


On My Desk: Sunday Edition

Hello Friends!

Today is a day for experimentation! I will be attending an event in October (details to come) and I wanted to create some little plant paintings to take with me. This little cactus seemed like the perfect subject to experiment with some new materials I purchased. Ranger Ink posted on their instagram a while ago about their new Mixed Media Powders. I don’t use powders, embossing or otherwise, often but the mix looked like it gave a really cool effect.


Next, I using my parallel pen to add some darks. I love this pen. I use it a lot. Jenny Doh introduced me to it in a class I took with her a year ago at Art and Soul, Portland. After adding watercolor to the image, I used a Perfect Medai Bullet pen that I purchased with the powders to prep where the powders would stick. Results below! I think the powder is pretty cool. I like the contrast between the shiny powder and the matte watercolor. A success, I think.


I would like to add that I purchased these materials on my own and am not affiliated with, supported or paid by RangerInk. I am an independent artist who thought the materials were cool and wanted to share them with you.

Humanoid Series - finishing up headdresses

Hi Friends!

I've been working on some coloring books for the last several months. I am so close to seeing them becoming a reality. The Kickstarter project was funded and the design for the Humanoids in Gardens coloring book is being designed now. I have five more headdresses to finish for the Humanoids in Headdresses coloring book. Each one will have thirty pages. I can not wait to see them printed. Besides the ones for my backers, I'll have a few extra available. 

Alien Series no. 65

On My Desk: Sunday Edition

Hello! I love the weekends because besides getting 48 hours of time with the fam, I also get large blocks of time in ye olde studio. Often times when I am in the studio I am surprised by woodland creatures. If I were a Disney Princess I could sing to them and befriend them. I am not a Disney Princess, however, so I just photograph and record them instead. In this edition of "on my desk" we have a watercolor for the Surreal Humanoids in Gardens coloring book. I'll be posting a timelapse and full scan on my various social media pages this week. 

Watercoloring No. 62 in the Alien Series. This will become a print for the middle tier backers of my Kickstarter for the coloring book.

Watercoloring No. 62 in the Alien Series. This will become a print for the middle tier backers of my Kickstarter for the coloring book.